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Default Re: What is Happening, part II

I've had my first dose of Pfizer - it gave me a very sore arm, but so did this year's flu vaccine. I have to have it in my right arm, there's too much scarring from a failed BCG (TB) vaccine in my left arm. That can be a nuisance sometimes, especially when it's sore afterwards. Second round is in three weeks time.
Meanwhile we're in level three lockdown, which is hard lockdown with takeaways. It was a lovely sunny early spring day so I walked across town to do my regular (and overdue) blood test. The place was shut. It was open right through lockdown last year. I'll have to go to a different one next week, unless we go down a level of lockdown on Monday. That's not very likely when we had some covid-positive nitwit anti-vaxxer climbing over the fence of one of our managed isolation facilities at one in the morning and walking home "to prove he wasn't sick." Meanwhile, even with hard lockdown one case of Delta on August 17th, when we went into lockdown has become 764, all traced back to the same case, which makes me wonder how many cases there would have been if we hadn't been in lockdown and isolating positive cases.
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