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Default Re: Who's Painting is This?

Originally Posted by Spaceman Spiff View Post
Yes, this is my work I painted it for the KT art competition several years ago, that must have been where it was picked up from, or the photobucket account for it, as that is the only place it's ever been posted by me.

Although thanks for the heads up Ryuu, I had completely forgotten that I'd never uploaded it to deviantart! I'll do that soon, with a watermark to show that it's my work.

To completely clarify, this is 100 percent painted from scratch in photoshop, it is not merely a manipulation on Whelan's work. I referenced Weyrworld to the extreme, but I did paint all of it myself (with the help of a couple filters ) My goal was to replicate Whelan's work as closely as possible, but make Ruth more accurately Pernese, to my imagination anyway.

I guess I succeeded - I'm astonished that Hans mistook it for Whelan's original piece!
Holy shit! You did REALLY damned good, then! It fooled me, too!
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