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*scratches his head*

I'd absolutely swear blind that I'd replied to this post...However neither the website nor the computer agree with me, so I have to guess I dreamt it. Sounds about right for me these days. Either that I I started composing a response on the laptop then gave up on account of it having taken to randomly dropping keyboard inputs these days. A habit which rapidly becomes infuriating as a reasonably rapid touch typist and soon results in me wanting to hurl the thing through the nearest window. In fairness to it, it's rapidly heading towards ten years old, so by the standards of computers these days hasn't had a bad run.

Originally Posted by Hans View Post
Welcome back!

You were the one with the full body fur cosplay stuff and such, weren't you? I made some pics of fantastic costumes you'd love at last year's Elf Fantasy Fair.
Yep, that's me. Currently have my own main costume probably 60% done (after it having to take something of a back seat due to other real life concerns getting in the way for a while), and have managed to drag another two members of the household into the madness with me as well. They've currently got their own characters in the process of being brought to life, albeit having opted to commission someone to do the work for them. In hindsight, that would have been the sensible option for me...but when did I ever do anything the sensible way?

Had a few setbacks along the way too, which isn't really surprising. Most troublesome probably was discovering that ears are quite difficult. There's a careful balance that needs to be struck between being too big, bulky and heavy, and actually having enough structural integrity. Sadly I discovered that I'd not managed to get this balance right *after* they were attached to the head and sewed into the hood. So quite a bit of unpicking stitching has been involved in sorting that out. The tail has presented problems as well, though that's probably more down to my tendency to over-engineer things than actually a problem with the overall design. It's just turned out quite a bit heavier than I'd originally planned...A double-edged sword there in that it means that the movement will look so much better, but it does mean I need to figure out the attachment method a bit better, a couple of belt-loops aren't going to cut it.

Still have designs on putting together as realistic as possible a dragonrider's outfit as well - that being something that would fit in well at the sort of events I go to, without being quite such a commitment in terms of limiting my ability to function on my own without a handler tagging along to make sure I don't do something daft like wander into a main road or get swatted in the face by overly aggressive spring loaded doors.

...I'm quite capable of doing that on my own *without* severely limited vision.
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