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I'm with P'ter - I'd rather spend the day on the canal bank. Though I'd probably get distracted from the task of the day by looking at all the plants and trying to see how many of them I was familiar with from here.

I spent the afternoon at Weta Studios Park Street Post Production, looking at how they make prosthetics, models and suchlike - got to handle real chain-mail (VERY heavy) and a dwarven sword (a metre long but light because it's made of aluminium) Cameras are a no-no unfortunately - our guide spent some time explaining to us that the artefacts that we were looking at still belong to the people who commissioned them and we really do not want to take on Warner Brothers on copyright issues.

It was quite an object-lesson in why there isn't a Pern movie too - It would have to be a block-buster to justify the cost of making the dragons - and you can't recycle them from one film to another because of copyright reasons. So the same studio made Avatar and The Hobbit, but the whole process has to start off at the beginning with 500 or more drawings, different sizes of models and parts of models, animatronics, then Weta Digital gets involved, then there the actors, even for what's going to be an animated movie like Tintin. Weta Digital invented the programs that made an actor into Gollum and 150 actors into entire armies and they're used all over the world now.

I asked about training, and they prefer to do their own. They look for creativity, commitment, the ability to think outside the box, to work in a team and to work under pressure rather than fancy qualifications. It might be different in Weta Digital, our guide was a model-maker.
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