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Default Scatts story.

This is a much longer version of the story I enter in the KT story contest. I like the longer one better.

Scatt's tale

Scatt curled up into a tight ball. Something was out there. he was grateful that all of hers where safe and accounted for. She hoped the things would go hungry tonight. he just kept say he where and that is what was important. Anyone stupid enough to go out at night deserved what they got. Her where all safe. That is what was important. At least that is what he told he self. Not that he believed it.

Scatt got up and did a bed check. There we now 18 children at the abandoned warehouse they called home. scat at 14 was the eldest and Little Bit at the 3 was the youngest.

he counted the kids again and breathed a sigh of relief, his were all safe. They had all had eaten either that sun or the sun before. No one was starving, even if they were a little hungry and it was warm. That is what mattered. What was happening outside did not matter, after all his where safe. Scatt Thought if he told herself that enough he might start believing it. Finally he feel asleep, but it was a troubled sleep.

The next day was dawned bright and cloud free.

Scatt gather the children "Moose, I want you to see what ya can find at the south market, try for some potatoes if you can. Brai I want you to go to the taverns, see if you can be help. Tell them you will take blankets or old clothes instead of money. Lyl, Mar, and ash you know what we need, do not go anywhere that you have gone in the last moon. Becareful and stay away from the watch. Josh, you stay here and keep the little ones in today. I do not want ya all to stay close today. GiGi haul in the water then no one else goes out until I give the all clear. You can do some cleaning while where gone. Any questions?"

It was Kayray who asked "Whatcha gonna do?

"I want to find out who the things where after. They where looking for something or someone last nigh, I want to who."

Scatt head for the east entrance of Rushing River, that is where most new comers came in to town from. It is also where he was likely to pick in information. he had been there for about a candle mark when he saw the strangest thing. Two woman, posing as a man and boy. Scatt had done that too many times, with the girls, not to reconize when some one else was doing the same thing. The strange thing was the two creature pulling the cart. They had four legs, a long bushy tail, and a long nose. Their hair was long and full. One had a black body with white around its neck and on its paws and some tan marking over each eye, nose and legs. The other one body was the golden color of the sun in the morning and also had white around its neck and some on its paws.

Scatt heard they woman say that she was a treader and that her dogs where only found where she came from. The tall woman had short yella hair, had a narrow face and kind eyes. The other one had short black hair, roundish face that looked tired. That there was something special about the group. he did not question how he knew, he just did.

As soon as the man left the entrance Scatt went up to her "Mister, do you need some help, I can guide ya if ya need it."

Scat was not sure why he followed the woman. they headed towards the center of town and came to The Broken Shield tavern. Scatt Went up to them and offered to guard the cart while they ate. The taller woman gave her a quarter copper piece and went in.

The two woman came out of the tavern Scatt asked "I there any thing else ya be need'n"

"Do you know the way to the south gate" The taller one asked.

"For another quarter copper I'll take ya there"

"It would best if you gave us directions and then forget you ever saw us"

"Go seven row up, turn left, go four streets, turn right then two more rows up and take another left ya can't miss it" Scatt said as he caught the coin that was thrown to him.

The woman headed in the direction Scatt had told them. When the woman saw a guard she would lead the the dogs down an alley. Soon it was apparent that the woman had no idea how to get back. Scatt saw a guard aproch the the woman, the woman showed the guard the chit she had gotten from the gate keepers. The guard pointed in the direction they needed to go to get back to the town canter. Scatt continued to follow them as they headed for the market. They made bought several items and was doing their best not to be noticed. They did keep an eye on the gaurd that was watching them.

Scatt knew that the gaurd was the least of their problems if could do magic. There were a lot of magic finders walking around the city in their black robes. Scatt hoped that the new comers could not do magic. All magic users were taken to the castle no one knew what they were used for, but the screaming coming from the castle never stoped.

Scatt saw a black robed figure approch the group and knew there was going to be trouble. Scatt looked around, and spotted Moose. Scatt montioned moose to come over.

"Moose," Scatt whispered " Give me a count of sixty then I want ya to start throwing rocks at the finders. Throw until ya see that group over there run for it. Cause as much trouble as ya can." Scatt handed him the coins she had gotten "On the way back see what ya can get"

"Look there's Ash get him to help ya" Scatt waved him before running off.

Scatt worked her way to the group as fast as she could. She had just gotted close whan rocks started raining down on the finders. As soon as the finders were distracted Scatt ran up to the woman and told them to follow her. The dogs quickly wiggled out of the harness that connected them to the cart. Scatt too off up an alley only pausing long enough to be sure they were following. Scatt darted down one alley after another, soon they noise faded and Scatt figured it would be safe to stop for a moment.

"I'm called Scatt, I'm Gonna take you some place safe, then we can talk."

"Thank you" one of the dogs said.

"Wow, you can talk" was Scatts surprised response.

They set of a fast walk, keeping to the shadows of building and fences. If they had to cross an open space they did so one at a time and carefully. It was two full candle marks before Scatt led them into the whare house.

"Are they safe, did we do good, Scatt?" Ash asked.

"Quite down you lot. Yes, as ya can see they are safe. Now get washed up, every one eats tonight."

"Even if we et last sun?" Some one asked.

"Yup, everyone"

Moose came in a back door "I brung the cart Scatt, was that right? I left it in the back." He said as he handed Scatt a bag of food.

"Good job Moose, bring the cart here then get cleaned up"

Scatt turned toward the woman "We usually eat every other sun, but with the money ya gave me we can all eat tonight."

"I am called Gayla, and this is Ruth. The black collie is Moonless, the other one is Dawn. We have food that we will share with you."

As Gayla and Ruth went though the cart Scatt looked at Gayla and said "you have pointed ears, you're an elf arn't ya. Ma told me about elfs"

Gayla looked at him smiled as she handed him a package of pork "What you do not know you can not tell. It is safer for you if you forget about us once we are gone"

Scatt nodded as she started to cut up the smoke pork Gayla had handed him. Ruth found some fruit that she had gathered a few suns before and added that to dinner.

Scatt started a small fire in a pit that had been dug in the dirt floor and set a pan of water to boil. By the time it was boiling the kids started to line up. Each child had a cup and a plate. As each one stepped up to Scatt put a piece of bread, fruit and meat on the plate and Ruth would put hot water in their cup with a tea leaf. As an extra treat Gayla put a small spoon of sugar in the tea.

After dinner one of the kids crawled into Gayla's lap "I'm Little Bit thank you for the food. I never et meat before. Can ya tell us a 'tory"

"Yah please" Several voices joined in.

"Get comfortable and I will tell you about Willow."

Gayla had two more kids laying on her, Ruth aquired three and each of the collies had several head laying on them.

Scatt built up the fire to give off a little more light. There was too much grime on the windows for the small bit of light to show though Ruth noticed. Gayla cleared her throat and started speaking.

"Once upon a time a woman named Willow came to this relm from another world. She was very scared until she met a dragon"

"They're evil"Little Bit said.

"aint either, what color was it" Moose asked.

You're right Moose they are not evil. This one was green" Gayla continued "This dragon whose name was jade told Willow that she was there for a special reason.

"Why, what reason" Came several small voices.

If you will quit interrupting I will tell you." Once again Gayla continued "Jade told Willow that there was a land filled with evil and that she was the only one who could defeat the evil queen and free the people of the land. Willow wanted to know how, Jade told her she had to go on a journey and find a magical crown that would allow her to defeat the queen. Jade also told Willow that she would travel with an elf, unicorn and that she would go as well. They traveled very far and made lots of friends. They also had to battle many evil creatures. After many moons they found the crown and went to face the evil queen. When they got to the queen's city they found a little girl found them and told them that she was the last queens daughter, the princess Rose. When they confronted the queen Rose put the crown on and magical beams shot out of the crown knocking the queen and all her guard unconscious. When the queen woke up she found herself tied up and Rose standing over her. The princess wonder aloud what to do with the prisoners."

Gayla paused and asked the kids "What do you think Rose should do to them"

"I'de a kilt them" Moose said.

"Throw her off a cliff"

"Make her in to a slave"

"Rose did not do any of those things. She knew if she killed them then she would be as evil as they were. So she decided to send them to a world that had no magic. Her guard all begged not to be sent away with her. They claimed they were just following orders, they had no choice in what they did. Rose listened to them and granted them permission for them to stay in this relm, but she threw them out of the kingdom and told them if they ever returned they would be exiled. Rose gave the land back to the people it belonged to and sent taken children back to their parents or sent them to live with other families who would love and take care off them. They kingdom was finally at peace." Gayla concluded her story.

"I like it" Little Bit said smilling up at Gayla.

"Me too"

"I wish Willow would come here for real" Kayray said.

It got quite for a second and Scatt announced "It's ta get ready for bed, who is on gaurd duty"

"Dawn and I will be on guard duty tonight." Moonless volenteered. "Nothing will get past us."

As the children scattered Scatt looked over at Ruth and said " Ya can sleep here near the fire, but I need ta show ya somethin first."

Scatt picked up a piece of wood to use as a torch and them to the back of the ware house. He push on a very cleaverlly disguised door. "If anyone come ya get in here. They won't find ya. Ya won't see us til morning. We'll be upstairs. Ha! ya did not even know there was an upstairs did ja." He said when he saw the look of surprise on their faces. "It is not very big, but the steps are well hidden. There is a necessary bucket over in the corner.DO NOT go outside for any reason. Nothing can get in."

When Scatt went up stair Moose and Kayray asked "Scatt why ya going though so much trouble for them. Ya don't normally help grown ups"

Scatt sat on his bed roll "There is something special about them. I am not sure what. I just get a feeling that we HAVE to help them. I can't explain it."

"Well I like them. I am glad we're heping them." Little Bit said "They aint like most grown ups, they nice. I think Ruth might be Willow from the 'tory."

"Little Bit that just make believe, no one gonna hep us but us" Luke told her.

"Luke's right we can only count on our selves, but I know helping them is the right thing ta do. Now get to sleep" Scatt told them.

The moon was high when they were awakened by windows rattling and loud howling. Scatt was at Ruth and Gayla's side in a flash.

"Don't worry they can't get in." Scatt said as he built up the fire.

The howling got worse the latter it got. One by one the children all came downstairs, soon Gayla and Ruth were being used as pillows again. The air felt heavy with evil. Dawn and Moonless prowled the room growling under their breaths. No one got any sleep that night. Suddenly the howling stopped and they hear a terrifying screamed that was cut short.

"They found some one stupid enough ta go out" Scatt said "I'm glad all of us are here."

"How did all of you come to be here" Ruth asked.

"bout three years ago I went to the river to get water for Ma when I seen men ride up ta the house. I did as Pa had told me to do and went in ta the corn field and made my way up ta the house. I heard Pa say that I had died. When I heard that I knew that the takers had come for me. I stayed hid in the corn field and watched as they tied Ma and Pa up ta one of their horses. Next the kilt our cow and set fire ta the house and barn. They left taking Ma and Pa with them. I waited until dark and ran as far as I could. During the day I would find a field or abandon barn ta sleep in, at night I walked toward here. I stole food when I could. It took me a 7 day to get here. I hoped I could blend in here. I was here about a moon when I found this place. I knew it would make a great hide a way. I found Jayie wondering the streets the next day and brung her here. Kayray was the next, her parents had died. Moose was lucky, Moose ran away from one the evil schools. He had nightmares about the beatings and the things they did to him. He found us. Jake's Ma told him to run for it when she a neighbor told her takers were in the area. Word got out. Now Ma and Pa's will leave their kids the streets rather then lettin the takers get them. We all look after each other. We never tell where we are at. Mostly we scavage from abandon houses. We get most of our clothes that way. We do what we got ta do for food. We get a long fine"

"We've never seen anything like Dawn and Moonless afore where they from?" Scatt asked.

"They are collies and are our friends. Collies can only be found where I am from, most can not talk, but these two were given the gift of speech when they agreed to help us on our journey" Ruth explained.

"Where ya going" Kayray asked.

"That we are traders is all that you need to know" Gayla answered

"it is getting light and the howlers are gone." Moonless announced.

"Good now we can getcha outa town." Scatt said " I have an idea. They are looking for a man and boy, so we will dress ya as two woman. Jami go get a cuppla dreeses." Scatt turned to Gayla "Moose and I will getcha to the north gate after that you are on your own."

Jami was soon back with the dresses. Gayla and Ruth put them on over their clothes to make themselves look heavier. Gayla's dress was a sturdy brown muslin with a wide skirt and long sleeves. Ruth's dress was the same except hers was a lighter tan color.

While Gayla and Ruth were putting on their dresses Moose and Scatt had gone up stairs. When they came down they looked like different boys. Both had on brown muslum pants and a tan shirt. They look like they could be squires from an number of different families.

"Dawn, Moonless can ya swim. There is tunnel that ya might fit through but it requires swimming through the stinky place."

"Can we all go that way?" Ruth asked

"I don't think ya would fit, the tunnel is small." Scatt answered

"I will not seperate from Ruth." Moonless stated. "Dawn and I will follow. No one will see us."

"Jami, run and get two shoping baskets. Ok this is what I think we should do" Scatt explain his plan.

When scatt was done explain his plan Ruth told him they could have the cart and what was in it except for a few personal items which Ruth and Gayla put into their basket. Gayla also gave Scatt what all the small money pieces that they had.

"Scatt, you need this stuff more then we do. I wish we could do more.
Please, once we leave do not mention us to anyone. I fear our being here has put you all in danger. In the cart are some small trade items, do not use them for a least a two seven days. I would give you more, but I fear that will put you in more danger. Please be careful, and stay safe, my friends.

Dawn and Moonless both nosed him and the others good bye.

"You are a true warrior Scatt" Moonless said.

"One day you will all have a chance to be safe and not live in fear" Dawn promised.

A candle mark latter Scatt and Gayla left the ware house, followed by Dawn. They head toward the market. When they got to the market they shopped as they head towards the north gate. They took their time. It had to look like a kitchen woman was out shopping and had taken the squire along to carry what was bought.

A quarter mark latter Ruth and Moose were ready to leave. "Remember after Kayray gets the water in for the day NO ONE is ta go outside. NO ONE. Ya all heard what Scatt said it anit safe. We'll be back by sundown."

They slipped out the back door and headed in the oppisit direction than Scatt and Gayla had gone in. They also posed as shopping servents. Instead of the food market the head towards the cloth merchants. They were closely followed by Moonless.

Both groups made their was towards the north gate. They were to meet at an alley near the Golden Arrow tavern at sun high. Scatt and Gayla were the first to arrive. Ruth and Moose where only a few seconds latter.

From the alley they could see the gate and the bridge that was behind the gate. The bridge was the only was across Rushing River in a hundred miles. It was there that Ruth, Gayla and the collies had to cross.

The problem was that the gate was well guarded. There were a lot more guards then ever before. There were also many black robed magic finders search every one who came in or out of the gate. It did not look good.

"Maybe we can cause another umm distraction, I think is what it is called." Scatt said.

Moonless growled "A distraction is being arranged by a friend. Be ready Jade said you would know when"

"Scatt you and Moose had best leave and stay out of sight for a few suns." Gayla said.

"Don't worry I'll keep em safe." Scatt and Moose went down the alley and circled around.

They did not want to miss what was going to happen. They had just gotten to where they could see the gate again when a green dragon came
flying out of the sky flaming, setting fire the guard shack and all the wooden structures around the bridge. The Guards and magic finder started running trying to get away. Several finder had to jump into the river to keep from being burned. In all the camotion no one was paying any attention to the bridge except Scatt and Moose, who clearly saw their friends running across the bridge to safty.

Moose gave Scatt the money Ruth had given him. It was more than enough to keep them all fed for several moons.

That night the things were out howling again. Scatt sighed his were safe. All had eaten that day and would eat evey day for a long time.

Two moons latter word came that a strange woman who claimed to be the lost princess had defeated the queen and had take over.
Soon after that a large group arrived looking for Scatt and the other children. scatt was scared he found out the group had dragons and unicorn in it.

"I am called Jade" a green dragon told him "Ruth has sent us to see that you are safe, and to let you know the evil queen is no more. She would like all of you to come with us to the capital city and live with her in the castle."



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