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Default Re: What is Happening, part II

Originally Posted by vyon View Post
It's the middle of winter here. Walking home was definitely a warmer option. Surely a civic fireworks display costs the same whatever day it's held? Here it's a matter of hiring the barge and loading it, and if it was too windy they have alternative dates. Wellington didn't wait for Matariki to be declared a public holiday, last year we didn't get the fireworks because the weather was bad and stayed bad. The year before a whale visited our harbour and they cancelled the fireworks because they didn't want to scare him.
Depends on the display. But for anything professional, in the US the 4th of July and New Year's Eve are no doubt the two days that the pros have to make their money.

I'm in Finland, and here ordinary people are only allowed to use fireworks between 6 pm on New Year's Eve and 6 am on New Year's Day. Even pros need a permit for any pyrotechnics at any other time of year, like sports events or rock concerts. And the fireworks that ordinary people can buy are fairly innocuous, even if some people get hurt using them every year.
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