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Question Re: What is Happening, part II

Originally Posted by Mausey View Post
I've grown pumpkins a few times. While they weren't huge they were big enough to get 3 or 4 pies each. One year I had to ask a gardening friend what exactly I was growing, had very oddly shaped and coloured leaves. Turns out it was a cross between a pumpkin and a zucchini, we dubbed it a punkini. I shredded it and used it in muffins and some coffee cakes, was very yummy. This year I'm trying cantalope and honey dew melons. So far they look pretty good so here's hoping.

It's been so nice to get rain. We could almost watch the lawn greening up. There's a small slough on the trail I walk and it's been dry all year, the other day when I went past there were a few puddles in it. The puddles are good as it means there ground is saturated and maybe it can start filling again.

A lot of the tests and surgeries that got delayed because of covid are finally getting caught up. Our eldest has been waiting almost 3 years to get a nerve in his one arm fixed. All they have to do it make a small incision on the underside of his elbow and move the nerve back into place, pop in a couple stitches and he should be good to go. Right now his hand is very tingly and sometimes doesn't always work as it should. He's also booked in for an advanced EKG that's been almost as long a wait.
Boy do I recall that Zen Hugs from USA I had a 'commpressed nearved' 2009 and had the same type of work, I hope he has help, and a flat I used a pillow made of a egg creat fomine ' to lay it on, I slep in my then other half reclinder the first night, then my bed, when the feeling come s back bybehind the ebhel its going to be very sentivety when returning the feeling to it, and the way they did mine was a moded half and half , what they used for casts and a ace banges the first time not so bad, buboy it iched ,second part the extercises were the worst, that the third part returning feeling, tward the end, is kinda pain full, even after the fact. note, mine was the last two fingers left hand lost feeling and I cound't not even hold my long white ccane in it. but I am think ing it might be the same way, for your olderst, if you want to check in the archives here I think I may have posted about it, being one handed, and tththere is a program for typing one handed,friend useed don't recall the name of it just saying and trying my best to help. Good luck to him! On t I shall have to post more later need to rest my fingers for a bit. I think I shall put them in a different post.
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