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Default Re: What is Happening, part II

Originally Posted by BD1 View Post
Okay. Bossy girl "I don't know why she (me) don't wait until I make the hot water for the coffee." My roommate waited coffee earlier! Again, my fault for not waiting!
Boy she ssounds like ready to hide behind the couch if this is taken the wrong way' She is a dragon ready to rise, all the time, and not ready for the real world , aand using you like a cruch , druge a spolied brat

Zen Hugs, I sent you a PM but my box is getting full, I have someone comming for a short meeting but maybe I can ask one of my staff to help me make more space their before this weekend, Sun,day my dad and I argoing to be together for our Fatherday's and my birthday , he don't like drive ing in a lot traffic to see me, andMonday is my birthday, Hellen Keller too,same day/month different year, my childhood insperation , if she could do it I could do it, not as bad off, but now later in life after near forty odd years of low vision now vision no vision, and more hearing loss, to me, but like Hellen Keller helpers wwith my helpers and friends I can make it wworks, around mdisibilities , bothmental and physicals one , also learning ones, That are keeping me from expressing myself to you in my writting, english grammer and spelling and math, even with a high understanding in what I read just having a harder time to translated that information into a answer in writing, and trying to aid you here. I hope this well explaine some of my stumbling around in my feedback to you. PS not seeing were spelling/ggrammer problems are also making it harder to edit oonce posted.
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