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Default Re: What is Happening, part II

Originally Posted by BD1 View Post
Bossy girl even says I mess with the skin barriers! I have them under my shirts and my hands are nowhere near them! How can I mess with them?!? They leak on their own! She says I don't pick the runt puppy up but last Saturday, she told me to carry it up the hill!! In fact, at one point, I said "it's trying to pull my pants down!" Squirming in my arms! People believe her lies! Says I lie! My skin barrier is leaking once more!
brother! roll eyes; at that lying bossy girl! Zen HHugs, from GinnyStar a person who has special needs, but trys her best to do what she can , and be a voice for those who need a helping hand, even if wwhen she can, or eif her own has changed , she is willing to set new goals, and try to support others!

You are in a bit of a rock ahard rubbing thing, 'dang words, are not comming to my fingers but, stay strong, and if you can plplease let us know if you are going to be gone for a bit. or limited in sending.
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