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Originally Posted by P'ter View Post
woolly jumpers

Three part Suit and dress socks and shoes

PS I don't have a good image in my mind of a jumper, so if someone could give me a image discription, I would be greatful, I have a idea stirring in the back of my mind, but, I can't translat UK i etc. terms in to US terms, Only one are is a type of boots Welling >? a boot that is used on farms, spelling unsure, Anne had them in one of her bookds, about using newspapers to dry them out after being out in the elements, and in a few UK based stories, I just lived in the courntry not on a farm, but I did have kin that had working farms, dairy mostly, with a few horses for pleasure., and working too. I am the youngest in that group, so I don't have much working knowledge how they worked, outside of some stories, PS if I am asking a wee bit too much, I am feeling better after two mingrains in a row this week. . Trying to get this writing going andreading some of the games words are helping unstick some words that I don't know how to spell.
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