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Default Re: Two quick dragon questions

A dragons eye facets are many colours that indicate satet of mind, right? Maybe the colours or concentration of them also indicate the way a dragon's sight is directed to/at?
And of course the weyrling was just using a figure of speech, although you could imagine two of the same colour groups (indicating amazement or confusion?) being at both the inside sides of the eyes.

Can't give you a sensible answer on the second one. I suppose the silly answer about how far that can go is how far Anne would have taken it if she had ever wrote more on that. If no other references are found you have to assume, for the sake of future stories, it could go very far because there are no bounds on what hasn't been wrtten (yet). As for Todd's books, I don't presume to be knowleadgeable about them.
I think your thought is a mere hypothesis, I've always thought of Ruth simply as male with no sex drive at all.
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