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Default Re: DQ missing a scene?

Almaron, gee, if this is an example of the differences between UK and US editions of DQ, we're in for a bit of research The red text is missing in the UK edition:

“One of the basic troubles between Lord Holders and Weyrmen are dragons, F’lar, and those fire lizards might just ease matters.”
“That’s what I was thinking earlier, considering that young Mirrim had Impressed three. That’s really astonishing, even if she is weyrbred.”
“Brekke would like to see her Impress a fighting dragon,” F’nor said in a casual way, watching his half-brother’s face closely.
F’lar gave him a startled stare and then threw back his head and laughed.
“Can you . . . imagine . . . T’ron’s reaction?” . . . he managed to say.
“Well enough to spare myself your version, but the fire lizard may do the trick! And, have the added talent of keeping Hold in contact with Weyr if these creatures prove amenable to training.”
“If — if! Just how similar to dragons are fire lizards?”
F’nor shrugged. “As I told you, they are Impressionable — if rather undiscriminating,” he pointed to Mirrim at the Hearth and then grinned maliciously, “although they detested Kylara on sight. They’re slaves to their stomachs, though after Hatching that’s very definitely draconic. They respond to affection and flattery. The dragons themselves admit the relationship, seem totally free of jealousy of the creatures. I can detect basic emotions in the thoughts of mine and they generally inspire affection in those who handle them.”

As for Robinton's conveyance to Telgar, things get definitely worse where editing is concerned. Though the chapter 10 heading in the UK edition still mentions "Early morning in Harpercrafthall at Fort Hold" the whole scene at the Harpercrafthall is cut! But the editor forgot to take the mention out of the chapter heading!!

Here's the text that appears in the US but not in the UK edition:

Robinton, Masterharper of Pern, adjusted his tunic, the rich green pile of the fabric pleasing to the touch as well as the eye. He turned sideways, to check the fit of the tunic across his shoulders. Masterweaver Zurg had compensated for his tendency to slouch, so the hem did not hike up. The gilded belt and the knife were just the proper dress accouterments.
Robinton grimaced at his reflection. “Belt knives!” He smoothed his hair behind his ears, then stepped back to check the pants. Mastertanner Belesdan had surpassed himself. The fellis dye had turned the soft wher-hide into a deep green the same shade as the tunic. The boots were a shade darker. They fit snug to his calf and foot.
Green! Robinton grinned to himself. Neither Zurg nor Belesdan had been in favor of that shade, though it was easily obtainable. About time we shed another ridiculous superstition, Robinton thought.
He glanced out of his window, checking the sun’s position. It was above the Fort range now. That meant mid-afternoon at Telgar Hold and the guests would be gathering. He’d been promised transport. T’ron of Fort Weyr had grudgingly acceded to that request, though it was a tradition of long standing that the Harper could request aid from any Weyr.
A dragon appeared in the northwest sky.
Robinton grabbed up his overcloak — the dress tunic would never keep out the full cold of between — his gloves and felted case that contained the best guitar. He’d hesitated about bringing it. Chad had a fine instrument at Telgar Hold, but fine wood and gut would not be chilled by those cold seconds of between as mere flesh would.
When he passed the window, he noticed a second dragon winging down, and was mildly surprised.
By the time he reached the small court of the Harpercrafthall, he gave a snort of amusement. A third dragon had appeared from due east.
Never around when you want ‘em, though. Robinton sighed, for it seemed the problems of the day had already begun, instead of waiting dutifully for him (as what trouble does?) at Telgar Hold, where he’d expected it.
Green, blue — and ah-ha — bronze dragon wings in the early morning sun.
“Sebell, Talmor, Brudegan, Tagetarl, into your fine rags. Hurry or I’ll skin you and use your lazy innards for strings,” Robinton called in a voice that projected into every room facing the Court.
Two heads popped out of an upper window of the apprentice barracks, two more at the journeyman’s Hold.
“Aye, sir.” “Coming, sir.” “In a moment!”
Yes, with four harpers of his own, and the three at Telgar Hold — Sebell played the best bass line, not to mention Chad the Telgar Harper improvising in the treble — they’d have a grand loud group. Robinton tossed his overcloak to his shoulder, forgetting that the pile of the green tunic might crush, and grinned sardonically at the wheeling dragons. He half-expected them all to wink out again at the discovery of this multiplicity.
He should pick the Telgar Weyr blue on the grounds that he appeared first. However, the green dragon came from Fort Weyr, to whom his Craft was weyrbound. Yet Benden Weyr did the honor of sending a bronze. Perhaps I should take the first to land, though they’re all taking their time about it, he thought.
He stepped out of the Court quadrangle to the fields beyond, since it was obvious that’s where the beasts were landing.
The bronze landed last, which canceled that method of impartial choice. The three riders met mid-field, some few dragonlengths from the disputed passenger. Each man began arguing his claim at once. When the bronze rider became the target of the other two, Robinton felt obliged to intervene.
“He’s weyrbound to Fort Weyr. We have the right,” said the green rider indignantly.
“He’s guest of Telgar Hold. Lord Holder Larad himself requested . . .”
The bronze rider (Robinton recognized him as N’ton, one of the first non-weyrbred to Impress a dragon at Benden Weyr Turns ago) appeared neither angry nor disconcerted.
“The good Masterharper will know the right of it,” and N’ton bowed graciously to Robinton.
The others gave him scarcely a glance but renewed their quarrel.
“Why, there’s no problem at all,” Robinton said in the firm, decisive tone he rarely employed and which was never contradicted.
The two wranglers fell silent and faced him, the one sullen, the other indignant.
“Still, it does the Craft honor that you vie to serve it,” and Robinton accorded the two dissidents an ironic bow. “Fortunately, I have need of three beasts. I’ve four more harpers to transport to Telgar Hold to grace the happy occasion.” He emphasized the adjective, noticing the glares that passed between blue and green riders. Young N’ton, though not weyrbred, had excellent manners.
“I was told to take you,” the Fort Weyr man said in a sour voice.
“And took such joy of the assignment, it has made my morning merry,” Robinton replied crisply. He saw the smug look on the blue rider’s face. “And while I appreciate Weyrleader R’mart’s thoughtfulness in spite of his recent — ah — problems at Telgar Hold, I shall ride the Benden Weyr dragon. For they do not grudge the Masterharper the prerogative.”
His craftsmen came racing out of the Hall, riding cloaks askew on their shoulders, fitting their instruments in felt wrappings as they came. Robinton gave each a cursory glance as they came to a ragged line in front of him, breathless, flushed and, thank the Shell, happy. He nodded toward Sebell’s pants, indicated that Talmor should adjust his twisted belt, approved Brudegan’s immaculate appearance, and murmured that Tagetarl was to smooth his wild hair.
“We’re ready, sirs,” Robinton announced and, giving a curt bow of his head to the other riders, turned on his heel to follow N’ton.
“I’ve half a mind — ” the green rider began.
“Obviously,” Robinton cut in, his voice as cold as between and as menacing as Thread. “Brudegan, Tagetarl, ride with him. Sebell, Talmor, on the green.”
Robinton watched as Brudegan, with no expression on his face, gestured politely to the shorter, green rider to precede them. Of all men on Pern, harpers feared few. Any one deliberately antagonizing them for no cause found himself the butt of a satirical tune which would be played around the land.
There were no further protests. And Robinton was rather pleased to notice that N’ton gave no indication that there’d been any display of ill nature.

The text then goes further:
Robinton on N’ton’s bronze arrived in the air, facing the cliff-palisade that was Telgar Hold. The swift river ..etc.

While the UK edition starts the chapter (!) with:
Robinton, with his apprentices Brudegan and Talmor, were conveyed to Telgar on the wedding day by N'ton's bronze which arrived in the air, facing the cliff-palisade that was Telgar Hold. The swift river... etc.

So, apart from the changed text, in the UK ed. Robinton takes Brudegan and Talmor with him while in the US ed. he's accompanied by Brudegan, Talmor, Tagetarl and Sebell! That surely must mean more editing further on...

I'll keep my DQ's nearby!
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