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Default Re: DQ missing a scene?

Right, looked things up and I can't find the scene / text bit below in any of the UK paperbacks, not in the early ones (Sphere 1974-1979, page 143) not in the early or later Corgi editions (checked 4). It is also missing in teh UK Dragonquest hardback, so we must assume it was cut already for the first UK edition by Rapp & Whiting. It is present in the US editions as from the first editions of the book (the paperback) and also in the later DelRey hardbacks.

The text should be placed after Brekke says "Why do I have a bronze, you a queen, and Mirrim three?"

F’nor whistled. “Why, Brekke, such revolutionary thoughts from a craftbred girl? Where women know there’s only one place for them . . . Oh, you’ve got Mirrim in mind as a rider?”
“Yes. She’d be as good or better than some of the male weyrlings I know,” and there was such asperity in Brekke’s voice that F’nor wondered just which boys she found so lacking. “Her ability to Impress three fire lizards indicates . . .”
“Hey — backwing a bit, girl. We’ve enough trouble with the Oldtimers as it is without trying to get them to accept a girl riding a fighting dragon! C’mon, Brekke. I know your fondness for the child and she seems a good intelligent girl, but you must be realistic.”
“I am,” Brekke replied, so emphatically that F’nor looked at her in surprise. Some riders should have been crafters or farmers — or — nothing, but they were acceptable to dragons on Hatching. Others are real riders, heart and soul and mind. Dragons are the beginning and end of their ambition. Mirrim . . .”

Then the UK editions go on with the sentence: "A dragon broke into the air above the Weyr, trumpeting.
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