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Default Re: The Workings Of "Between"

Originally Posted by GinnyStar View Post
The other thing, was Lessa's treated F'nor face, they were minor burns, that day, and that was before F'lar and Lessa, making the Southern trip, to see if Southern was OK, while they were gone, F'lar had rider's and others packing for the trip, while he had the meeting with Lord Holders and CraftMasters.

When made the first trip two of F'nor in Dragonsflight, at that time, the burns healed, tanned, and eyes show the 'strain' that was before they when, Lessa and F'lar agreed not to tell F'nor about it not working, and only he made the reports between times, with Ramoth putting an 'restriction' on the other dragons of the venter, to be safe.

I am referring to is exactly the same time frame you are speaking of, and why I think F'lar was able to get an echo from Canth 10 turns away. I still don't see where you think I am mixed up.

Originally Posted by Almaron View Post
I was reading through Dragonflight again, and I noticed a strange comment that F'lar made - when Lessa makes her great leap back 450 Turns, F'lar comments that "Mnementh can't hear either her or Ramoth anywhere. Yet he says he can get an echo from Canth many [ten] turns away and in the Southern Continent".
Could this be linked to or even how Lorana was able to contact Dragons in Between? Could this be how other Dragons can tell if another is dead or not? Oddly, two (or five, I suppose) books later in The White Dragon, D'ram goes to what will later become Cove Hold, and goes 25 Turns back, and F'lar basically implies that Ramoth hasn't been able to find him. I suppose this could be a retcon, or simply an Anne-consistency, or perhaps it could be that Mnementh knew where Canth would be, and as such, knew where to look. Or perhaps he was somehow "receiving" Canth's last telepathic thoughts before he went Between to the South?
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