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Default Re: This has nothing to do with anything but...

Hallo Hans, Hoe gaat het..
I went and found Lenard Cohen on *You Tube* and very much enjoyed his song Halleluiah. I do have to admit though that I liked it even better when KD Lang sang it. I do believe the song would be lovely, with almost any decent singer singing it.
It took me a while to find the this I found myself trying to read all the post in the different languages.
My Dutch is coming along...but very, very slowly...but I do believe I'm finally getting it to sink in.
I very much agree with Lanen's voice...her reading of *Song in the Silence* was breath takingly beautiful...I could have sat there and listened to you read for hours and wished that we could have heard you sing at least once on our visit.
"To the Horsehead Nebula and back we shall make beautiful music"..."Together!"

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