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Default Re: Obtaining Reader Permission To Write The Improbable

Originally Posted by AnnMarie View Post
I think you have to start with logical reasons why something would work. It doesn't have to be logical by everyday standards, just logical in the context of the story. (Which is where Chance lost it...she really doesn't give us any logical idea why Merlin would fall for Miss Modern)
Ignoring a whole lot of teeldeer here...just this. As long as something is INTERNALLY consistent and if anything blatantly stupid there's a fine degree of lampshade hanging (where the characters are aware that something is bizarre even by their settings' standards) I will generally go with it. I have issues with Twilight, for example, because the setting is allegedly the real world but the "normal" characters do not behave like real people (and the vampires are...improbably explained at best.) Meyer just kind of throws things out there works that way 'cause it's her story and that's why, nyah. That's where she loses me. (Well, that and the grossly unappealing protagonist.)

It's context. If the characters are operating in what's basically "our" normal, everyday world and odd things happen, just have it make sense in context.
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