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Default Re: Help with pernese terms

Hey Bertrand

1. Dragonriders of Pern = Drachenreiter von Pern (throaty G for ch sound in Drache)
Drachen is plural for dragons. Reiter means rider in singural and plural version.

2. Firelizard. In the German books they are called Feuerechse or plural feuerechsen. Feuer means fire and Echse means lizard, but that will not surprise you. The ch is a K sound here.

3. Firestone = Feuerstein(en) indeed, as you correctly thought.

4. Mating flight = Paarungsflug. Where Paarung is mating (could be translated with: something to do with two as Paar means two in both German and Dutch) and Flug means Flight.
btw: I suggest never to use this with a girlfriend who isn't a Pern fan as she will think you are totally nuts.

I can't write phonetic, so if you want pronounciations... that'll be hard to do but not impossible. Best thing you can do is to ask someone at Uni to pronouce the words/terms for you and write them down in your own language?
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