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Default Re: Who's Painting is This?

Originally Posted by Samsara View Post
I wonder if the eyes had stayed blue, if the expression you achieved on Ruth's face would have been lost? Maybe the expression is heightened because his eyes are green? Also just noticed he actually has an eyeball, which Whelan's did not. Maybe that is the difference... Looking at Whelan's one, Ruth's eyes look a little glassy.

I don't think Pernese dragons are meant to have eyeballs. The eyeball is the pupil, which expands and contracts to let in more or less light. The dragons have faceted eyes and all the facets are light-sensitive --- I don't know how they keep out excessively bright light, but it would presumably have to happen in each of the facets. Or, Skies of Pern mentions nictitating eye-lids that close to protect the eyes from char (in the chapter where F'lessan is removing the stitches from Golanth's eye), so maybe they also keep out excess light.

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