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Default Re: Who's Painting is This?

I'm glad everyone likes this picture and I am especially glad to find that my first guess as to who the artist was was correct.

The Michael Whelan painting "Wyerworld" is one of my favorates, I even have a checkbook with that painting on it (containing matching checks) but I like Spiff's version better .

I am thinking of writing a Pern role playing game for GURPS 4th edition as the 3rd edition Gurps Pern is no longer online. It will be a free download (of course) at but I still wonder if this type of project falls under Anne's Fanfiction/ online RPG rules? I wrote to Annie's e-mail adress to ask but have not recieved an answer yet.

If it's O.K. Spiff could I use this picture as the cover painting? I will give proper credit of course.
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