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Default Re: Who's Painting is This?

Originally Posted by jube View Post
One way of getting Spiffy and Ryuu back, haven't seen much of either of you lately so welcome back. Like the pictorial viewpoint, Spiff, WELL DONE!
I've always been ketch reading, just not always responding

Originally Posted by Lady Maelin View Post
I would have thought someone would have commented on the eye color [green...Whelan's are blue] or the beautiful face of Ruth,...Spiffy's has much more expression than the one Whelan did, and the Pern Dragon head knobs is diffenantly Spiffy's head knobs on Whelans Dragon...also the tail a Pern dragon tail split on Whelan's.
This is one of Spiffy's best Pern works...although all of his work is incredibly fantastic in my opinion.
Whelan certainly knows dragons All his paintings for Anne pulls the reader into the stories like no other cover artist has done for Anne. That cover for DF certainly expresses the awesome power, grace, and beauty the depicted scene of Lessa & Ramoth leading the Weyrs forward would inspire. TWD's cover gives us that sense of nobility and determination that Jaxom & Ruth have. And while Anne always expressed appreciation for his work, she sometimes pointed out the minor flaws that didn't quite match her descriptions. Bronzie made those adjustments & a well done job, too!
Originally Posted by Spaceman Spiff View Post
You can't tell in the image here, but in the full-sized painting his eyes were faceted. The resizing kind of blurs it all together I'm not sure what you mean by Whelan's Ruth not having an eyeball?
Any way you can get a higher-res scan of your painting online?
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