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Default Re: Who's Painting is This?

Originally Posted by jube View Post
One way of getting Spiffy and Ryuu back, haven't seen much of either of you lately so welcome back. Like the pictorial viewpoint, Spiff, WELL DONE!
I know, I'm terrible for being absent for so long Thank Cheryl for giving me a poke

Originally Posted by Lady Maelin View Post
This is one of Spiffy's best Pern works...although all of his work is incredibly fantastic in my opinion.
Thanks I reeeeaaaally wish I could do more paintings like this, it just takes so incredibly long to do And for a very detailed piece, it's very hard (for me, at least) to do an original piece without extensive reference - and there isn't exactly a lot of reference for dragons Despite this one being drawn from scratch, it's still just looking back and forth at the original painting and copying, with some tweaking here and there. It doesn't give as much satisfaction as something original.

Originally Posted by Samsara View Post
I really like what you have done with this painting Spiff. Like Lady M said, this Ruth has far more expression in his face then Whelan's does. And, like Lady M, I noticed the difference in eye colour straight away. The only thing I might have done differently, is to keep the eyes blue instead of green. I think it would have looked better (more noticable, as the green eyes kind of blend in) due to the green brain tree thingy behind Ruth's head. I wonder if the eyes had stayed blue, if the expression you achieved on Ruth's face would have been lost? Maybe the expression is heightened because his eyes are green? Also just noticed he actually has an eyeball, which Whelan's did not. Maybe that is the difference... Looking at Whelan's one, Ruth's eyes look a little glassy.

Geez... I'm rambling... sorry...

All things said & done, I likes it!
I chose to change his eyes to green because Ruth is already pretty blue-hued from all the reflection of sky and clouds, and I thought having green eyes would keep Ruth from being too blue-dominated.

You can't tell in the image here, but in the full-sized painting his eyes were faceted. The resizing kind of blurs it all together I'm not sure what you mean by Whelan's Ruth not having an eyeball?
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