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I really like what you have done with this painting Spiff. Like Lady M said, this Ruth has far more expression in his face then Whelan's does. And, like Lady M, I noticed the difference in eye colour straight away. The only thing I might have done differently, is to keep the eyes blue instead of green. I think it would have looked better (more noticable, as the green eyes kind of blend in) due to the green brain tree thingy behind Ruth's head. I wonder if the eyes had stayed blue, if the expression you achieved on Ruth's face would have been lost? Maybe the expression is heightened because his eyes are green? Also just noticed he actually has an eyeball, which Whelan's did not. Maybe that is the difference... Looking at Whelan's one, Ruth's eyes look a little glassy.

Geez... I'm rambling... sorry...

All things said & done, I likes it!
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