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Default Re: Spliced of a differnt topic, Unwritten Threads Within the Books, Thoughts?

I would assume that if any dragon died and was unable to go between themselves before doing so, either the Weyrleader or another rider (or maybe a couple, since I doubt one bronze could lift a Queen) would take them. If for some reason that was not possible (like if the corpse was infected by thread) I'd imagine they'd be cremated instead. Either way, it's not a duty any dragonrider would exactly relish.

Did MHoP or any other book ever mention what Jora died of? It would have been interesting if she had survived, and had been Lessa's senior Weyrwoman (or voluntarily passed Seniority on to Lessa at some point). We never really hear about her, except by bronzeriders and their disgust for her, and they're obviously biased. Jora was able to Impress a Queen in the first place. I seriously doubt she was actually as "bad" as she was made out to be.
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