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Default Re: Input on change to gender profile field

Once, I found a browser, that would will let make somewhat, with my programchanges
JAWS = Jobs Access With Speech, its let me making changes to my own user profile amd understand the changers tht you have made here, its taken a few tries, in my own frustration, I'[ve lost a few posts along the way, but its working so I can post,. When I get someone who can spell better then I well have expain a bit more then right now, thinks like links, and more, for some its related to a different thread that I started,, mis-Spelling aand all.

Right now I have a new cell phomne, so it might be a bit before I can explane more in that ththread, in what KI have been doing when I couldn't not get in here. LOL dsoutly aty my self.
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