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Default The Writing on the Wall (Pern Fic)

Authors Note: I hate for my very first post to be this fanfiction, but I just found this lovely site and I just can't help myself! This is an ongoing story, so I will be making a thread for any feedback. Beta'ed by Laurie who's helped me out tremendously.

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters or the world of Pern, and am just playing around with the ideas as source of amusement to myself.


The interval between the tenth and eleventh passes of the Red Star was a prosperous time for Pern. The full harvests helped support a surge in human population unseen before. With habitable areas in the north becoming scarce, the more adventurous and desperate men traveled to the south to establish Holds and Halls fit for human habitation.

In a few turns, the dragonfolk followed and established several Weyrs to cover the growing southern population when thread next fell. Within two generations the people of the north and south had firmly diverged, each with its own laws and set of traditions.

The people of the north were seen as more strictly traditional, with the ones with rank holding most of the power and prestige. The people of the south, more relaxed. With these two opposing views, tensions grew tight between the two halves of Pern, as personality clashes grew more and more common between the leaders.

And when the great plague came, all contact was lost between the different hemispheres. Even between the dragonriders.

It was a respiratory disease that struck rapidly, yet had symptoms that lingered. It killed its victims by slowly wearing them down. Worse yet, the healers that survived the first wave soon discovered the virus hibernated even in those who showed no symptoms, reemerging even turns later mutated enough to provoke another outbreak of the plague.

In the north, the quarantine that the healers enacted to keep the virus from spreading became more or less permanent as the outbreaks continued. Travel between the holds was discouraged, and those without a hold of their own were treated with growing suspicion and were no longer given safe haven.

The ravages of the continuing outbreaks took its toll on the northern population, decimating it. Eventually the tatters of remaining numbers were relocated to the east coast so that the little trade that was allowed between the Holds and Crafts could at least not have the barrier of long distances. Those who still remembered there were people to the south assumed that they could not have survived with their much smaller population.

The dragonriders too, did not escape the sickness and concentrated their dwindled numbers on Ista Island Weyr to regroup. The ocean between the island and the mainland provided what was thought to be a safe barrier between the protectors of Pern and the rest of the general population. The dragonriders carefully controlled who came in and who went out. Even the candidates grabbed up on search went though mandatory two week quarantine to make sure of their health before standing.

But because of the plagues nature of hiding silent in the cells of unsuspecting people, no one could be completely sure who was infected and who not. Luckily, the one northern Weyr left was enough to cover the remaining people of Pern when the first Threads began to fall of the new pass.

Our story begins seven turns into the current pass. It has been a full seven turns since the Sickness was last seen, and the people of Ista Weyr were cautiously optimistic….
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