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Default Re: What is happening

You know I said a while back, no more cars?

In fact the last project was specifically chosen for being tiny and approachable and taking up no driveway space as it would fit in the garage which is too small for normal cars really.

So why on earth is *this* thing now parked outside?

Um... simple actually. I'd wanted a Mercedes T1 since I was about five (never was a normal child), and a friend offered me a deal too good to refuse. The fact that the whole family can get something out of it helps it's by far the most dog travel friendly vehicle I could have asked for.

Few weeks in, and I still can't stop myself from grinning like an idiot whenever out driving it.

It smells like an old bus (in a good way), is surprisingly comfortable, has a proper van driving position, has a proper huge steering wheel, and even the taxi drivers don't bully me any more.

It's also proving to be astonishingly good on fuel, which from a 4600 pound brick that makes a shed look aerodynamic was a surprise.

Have been away for one weekend in it already, and already planned two more.

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