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Default Re: Whatch Have you been WWatching?

Originally Posted by Bristol View Post
My wife and I are watching Ted Lasso and Schmigadoon on Apple TV and I've been watching Bad Batch on Disney+.

I watched Spitfire not that long ago. Great movie. Mostly true from what I understand. It was a low budget British movie.

My go to channel is TCM. I love old movies. Anything before the mid 60's. I love the low budget B&W character movies and the Technicolor widescreen epics. I just watched The Ten Commandments with my son (in 20 minute increments). But we are now on to Star Trek VI.

We've been having fun with Harry Potter as well. We've done the first 4. We read (well, I read to him) the book and then watch the movie. It is fascinating to see what they change and why. But these later books are long and so we are on a break before starting book 5.
My dad like TMC too while I could see I too, I have a one that ggoes from B&W to color from the beginning of airplanes flying of ships for the USA Navey and from a minor pov but with WalteBrenden (I know better as Stumpy from a John WWaWWayn western RioSomething there are two and I don't recall which one it is) two the end of WWII and the Jeep or baby ones, I am thinking of tow books one is is the Big E and the the ot and a different one about the DE the Destroyer Escorts' ththeir grgroups. I can';tLittle Ships, Big War I think. I can't find it. nor the movie for I can't run my DVD/VCR right now, for I ccan't switch my TV to it,, and back without ssight.
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