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Default Re: Domick, Petiron, Music on Pern

I think what normally happens is that the composers write something special for a major Gather at Fort Hold, where it is heard by the Lord & Lady Holders, Crafters and Weyrfolk (and ordinary Pernese too) who attend that Gather. They may also send out select groups of singers and players to perform at the other main holds and Weyrs, especially if the piece emphasises something all the Pernese should know --- e.g. before the start of the Second Pass, Clisser sent out harpers to sing new teaching Ballads about the duties of Hold, Craft and Weyr. Or some of the music might be to celebrate weddings or the election of a new Lord Holder (hence "occasional" music).

I don't think they have orchestras in the sense we know them. More like groups of musicians who practise together at the Hall, aided by local harpers at the various Gather sites who have had a chance to practise their parts. Potential harper apprentices at the Gathers would listen to the classical-style music and want to go where they could learn to play or compose that kind of music.
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