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I thought I should start a new thread split between Re: Anyone else Love their Kindle?
Originally Posted by Bob12 View Post
I, too, have <snip>, but, with overly light sensitive eyes, I can only handle about an hour's reading before my eyes start straining. So, here is what other their places in my gadget stable.
More like Wish list for me, sorry to <sinp> your post to bits.

So do I, I'm thinking of getting a reader for mostly MP3, and you can take note with it too. Wish I had today! There are a few more there at .

Book Port Plus

IF more is needed!
Braille+ an o=w%2FE%2FZ6s4BbM%2B9n7juIEMzq5sf2tB4zwdpUGzx6Kgrj b5S2cJ4ZGpqRlF5Xt0Ps94syIm1JPugXdL%0D%0ARVB04Dkn3j KB5lIVLjiNb7qjARQfymUZf%2BcLOCRL6fizri10YIDpJrg1dg wg9Z8TZPsQ4%2BRQ3%2FhG%0D%0AikxGljy4t%2BH0P5GDPzIG GP%2Fbhh0VEfubtxZ4w7xCmCzk6LZv5sOqQLtB6ijDLhMd2%2F kRawniQPOn%0D%0AVdMgvQp6uDjaXFC6PHfmdqvqi1Qt9tsUBC 31q259SjqNofLzLojICWxd7yzM2blUTpg0nh2iMC8H%0D%0AhE lKRUbslJaH9ccfCRCb4QShXfXVr0BKFSXVnpmWG8TLGX9Sm4Kk jYDRp6Lu6%2BvmNeOujM4YSQy5%0D%0ARTwN&ddkey=http:Pr oductDisplayd Refreshabraille 18 Combo Kit

It also has Braille+ QWERTY Docking Station

I've look at laptops and find them not as useful as I like.

I know you e-readings and yes, I think there is another program that can translated it, I was brain storming, web surfing, on sleepless evening.
IF I recall right, Skies of Pern was offered as an E-book/reade loan at my local libary. Never tried it, but I might 'look' into it.

Four its more audio then e-book
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