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Default Re: Raven-Lyon Family Questions!!

Originally Posted by Brenda View Post
Wait a minute! I thought Ian was Jeff's nephew, not his sibling!
Ok, I thought I remembered something about this so I did some research. On pg 134 of The Rowan Jeff says he has a new nephew, but also states that he congratulated his mom. Also on pg 166, when she is feeding Ian, the Rowan tells Reidinger that she is feeding her nephew. But pg 125 refers to the fact that Isthia is expecting. On pg 149 Isthia is somewhat torn between the needs of "two sons," who are clearly Jeff and Ian. And on pg 161, clearly referring to Ian, Isthia says, "In one way I'm sorry he's the last of them. However, an even dozen was all I promised their father." And in Damia, on pg 165, when Isthia and Ian are waiting for Jeran, Cera, and Damia to arrive, Ian is referred to as her son, and, in fact, Jeran, Cera, and Damia are referred to as Ian's nephew and nieces. Ian is clearly Jeff's youngest brother and I'm afraid we have to regard the nephew referrences in The Rowan as Anneisms.

Is that as clear as mud?
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