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Default Re: Raven-Lyon Family Questions!!

Originally Posted by Greenrider Tresa View Post
1. sister works for me.
LOL Me too ...... Do we ever get a name, though?

3. Think so. In The Rowan maybe? Else I'm getting things mixed up.
Was her name Rozalla or something? ..... I'm sure it began with an R LOL

4. I kind of like how Jerry Raven sounds, but then I know a Jerry R... Just use the name mentioned first, or more often...
I also thought it was Jerry. I didn't even think of Josh until I read it on the Towerdex!!!!

Originally Posted by Brenda View Post
I'm pretty sure that Isthia is mentioned as having stopped with a dozen children.
Oh yes! Ian made it 12, didn't he? I'm sure I remember a comment about "a round dozen" with regard to her children ..... Now do we have any other names or even general references other than Jeff, Dean and Ian?

Is Jeff the eldest?
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