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Default Re: Whatch Have you been WWatching?

is let me make new thread so I can use Jaws = Jobs Access With Speach. its my text to speech LOL at myself for to for I still can't read too many post at the same time Google

we;; tacl time for me to get around. I've list to some cal FSCSast a Podcast, from the makeers of the programs. and it shares others type helpfullthings too, more later when I get thising better bookmarks, but one of the host was from New Leland NZ a and each time I hear his vbboice, I was tthninking of you foklks here and NKT too.

I've shared some of the stuff whtith others, and I am working on an idea for a bit of a prestation for myh blind outreach group, but its taking me longer to get everything together with out my sight, stuff from my different trips, and some stjuff my family has given me. and aalso background form the TV.

Need to get fy, mov3ed over here so I can't post more what the what I have in mind. PS sory I am rambling here, but something things get jammed up and I can'[t get them unknowed and my mind get haead of my fingers. krMore latger.
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