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Default Re: What is Happening, part II

nd time-kkeeper on, but we had our round screen in house, wrapped in a tarp so we keep dry, and we had lleft space for aair to fflow and used the Colemen two burner stove when the rain wads to bad, for light we used the Colmen Lanter. we ah had dug out a trench around the ccamp te tent, and the screen ihouse, so the water would drain away, we had our tent tarped and weight dwon. When we left, we made sure to fill in the area we dug out, so the water that would run away from our snug teant, from the hil and campsight above uus, which our g one set of grand pairents used for that week, till their noral spot open in local town run part camping site iwith eletric and water, ands other thing that RV need. and a Bat bbathouse too. all at Rib Lake.

Boy what a trip down memory lain, somewhere I think I posted my Campfire +CoCoffee story here , NKT, and PF when it those two wrewere around, I am wanted to find it, I still am stumbling yet, two more days FFri. afternoon my time, I am getting some aid, 'which is about time' I have only had a nibble and one thing is not set up yet,, so I might be here or my person who is helping me out, as we fine toon it,. For it would be nice, 'JAWS--"Here Sharky, help !out@" I hope you get my p my little bit here. I don't know if its going to work never tried it before,, but I hope it well.
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