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Default Re: What is Happening, part II

I agree, I am in tail en of the 40' age group, but I do havemild health problem, but my dad who is in the over 65 group he has d heart problem, and is diebetic also, his one brother has has his heart work opening tthe vessels around it and replace the dorr between on, the same thing that dad needs to have done, but its not as bad. So I also wory, I have a few friends bboth younger and older then I with medical problems too,.

SO I am keeping an ear open, if they wantede us to get a third one then I am going for it.

As for the Flu, sshot, I am going for it too, I am one of those that as I said above, and I recalled my dad fighting at home with the flu, for week and that was when I was yyounger,. Stay Safe all, I am also worried just a bit with the bad weather near Houston for Ihave kin in that area dan't greatt nease lives just out side of there, and I have kin and friends family rnorth west of there in D Dallas area. If I recall right we also have a co- and others in the ararea.
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