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Green Re: I found the October 1967 Analogat PulpFest

They do seem odd! It's the neck length perhaps; looks more like a dinosaur with wings. Illustrations in the Analog magasines for Weyr Search (Oct 1967) and Dragonrider (Dec 1967 and Jan 1968) were done by John Schoenherr. There's a beautiful illustration of Mnementh holding Lessa captured between his claws as a "cage". Anne was really pleased with the results: I understand that she imagined her dragons with more of a horses head than a lizard. We all have our own thoughts on how the Pern dragons would look. Personally it's the Michael Whelan images that take my fancy. However, Gigi's book Dragon's Code has the ultimate Pern dragon that is in my mind. Chris Koehler's cover illustration : maybe increase the overall size and add a suitable seating arrangement with the neck ridges : perfect!
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