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Default Re: Collecting Highlight (57) - Dragonriders of Pern Nova Bookgame

Originally Posted by Lady Maelin View Post
Thanks again to Cheryl, for the fact that I have one of these...and also at Hans, very low price. I do love getting to see the line drawings of the Dragons fighting thread...but I haven't played the game either. Good Idea Cheryl..of bringing one or two of these to the next gather/convention a group of MoMers attend. I actually thought about bringing my Dragonriders board game to Copenhagen...but found I didn't have room for even the thin book of instructions...much less the box the game came in...arrggghhh!!!
Next gather...-Rubs hands together-

It might be an idea to look through the books to see what Pernese games there are to see if we're in any fit state to play those as well. xD
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