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My Pern and Anne McCaffrey website has been taken offline on November 21, 2021.

I've maintained my Pern and Anne McCaffrey website for over 20 years now and exactly 10 years after Anne left us I will take if offline. Without Anne, who had become a real , personal, friend over time, the joy has gone out of maintaining it. A new generation (with some of the old fans) is active on the more modern social media now. It'll be their task to keep the torch burning. The last SF event I attended was the World Science Fiction Convention Dublin 2019 where a good friend led an Anne McCaffrey appreciation track. That, and me finally visiting Anne's grave and paying my respects, together with my wife and some very, very dear friends, was a fitting end of an era for me. Thank you Gigi McCaffrey for being there too and reminiscing with us then and during a memorable dinner afterwards. A big thank you to all my fellow Anne McCaffrey fans, too. I'll keep in touch! Thank you, my friends!

The Pern Museum & Archives is going down...

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