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Default Re: IF any dragon *could* survive the death of their rider, what would happen?

The dragon has to have a reason to stay that is stronger than grief. Nemorth stayed because of her eggs. She had a duty to dragonkind to remain until they were ready to hatch. She had to see that her daughter was ready to hatch and preserve dragonkind. Otherwise she would have gone between the moment Jora died. So it has to be that kind of epic need to stay, a deep draconic duty to dragonkind. If the dragon was unusual and had an ability that all of Pern were relying on and the rider, as they are dying can make the dragon understand that it is more important than grief, then the dragon might stay to complete the task, but no more than that.

One work around would be for dragon and ride to go into the future past the point where the dragon is needed and leave the rider there and the dragon go back and do what it needs to do. That any dragon could do, though not happily. Then the dragon can rejoin their rider shortly after they left and they can go between together.
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