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Default Re: Would it be possible to Impress a Dragon *and* be a Wher-handler?

Well she could be blooded to the Whatch-where for they are to know all of the the bloodline of the hold/cot/hall/ and Wyer Search was the short Sttory tht became Dragonflight. So Anne was just start to buld her would,. In Dragonblood, I do recall that Nuella was worryied that the hatching queen/gold was wanted her, but wanted someone else and that is was from Todds fir from his first solo work, and his own writing stile is a tad bit different then Anne, I an still working on gegetting Gigi book, yet, so I oand as for that book I d Don't have a audio copy of Dragonsblood/Bld to check myself I do have the hard copy but no way to see it.

Therewas a I also recall from that book, that if the handler becomes a rider, the whatch-where become cons cnot safe to be around till they found a nnew one or in that case BBendsk sp when between, For that one had problems and would not re-bond I think. For Wind Blossom was told thaqt the handler had impressed and was had hapen to Perter Tubermer's son was harded and bronght to her by M'hall fro treement, she that one needed to distroyed but she had gone betwen allready she was very old. PS I ha SOmetime I have to give more then I plan to explaon my self, and I have got all the coding quite sorted ou5t and adoved is recalled from my hasy memory, from when I still had it on Tape not on CD or Audi file.

So II don't , Sometimes of them are only bblooded to the watch-whwher but even that bond well hurt, Dragon Kin is where I read that one, but I am unsure, I h listen to that sec part of it in a bit. I hope I have gi given some food for thought. Onething is that I think, thththat Lessa was being both part of the bloodline, and that sheused her hold's watch-where den, was the only reason she stay safed, also she was the only one that could control the beast there, too me That old watcatch-wher knew its duty I don't recall if AAnne gave when she wow was thinking of gender for it, but I think maybe a gold, for it didn';t renet on it dduity to the hold's bloodline that it was protecting, even to the cost of it light, For Lessa told to prot and be aggressive o to her if others where near, and also someone of the blindline should not leave the hold, where F'lar was taking to her to th Wyer,. t In it own mind and how training and orders from her/.
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