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Default Re: What is Happening, part II

Sorry I am rambling here but my mind is doing some thinks right now, for a frind's father just passed away and his furnale is Thur. I don't plan on going, but I do plan on sharing my work Pain, but some else isis there too, don';t if I can do or not, transscrible whaqt on my mind to words

Trying to find a way toget ofld of DragonCode sp? in audio is harder then we wwere thinking, for my type of player isn't suported, so I shall have to lwait, I have some check into it. Not all those devices are not work with the site, and I can't run a smart phone, I like the flip phone, I am not the oly in my area my is my friend she ihad the same proble as I, but she has CP and I think she use as a cruch,, she recall me driving her a tad baddy when I would driver wht a bir of music when I was list to the then bbook on cassettes and the short Musical that is on a anothe thread, and Moreta: Dragonllady of Pern, while she was studing, well that was the player/recorder as the time I could get, was the 34-track onces. at my college,, I tried the comved walkman in and I had to much problem iwtwith it..

Tkps is going to twist into more what you been listing to for a second, bubut Dragonseye/DE or Red Star Rising was the first one that I heard in the comuersal 4-2-Track with l/r speakers, the Dragondaws was a play on any type of player. that I got frp, ,ui leamdomg llibarly. But Dthe was the first I bought, and can'rt listen to it now.
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