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Default Re: What is Happening, part II

Originally Posted by Priscilla View Post
Zelandeth, I am really glad you brought that up. It is sometimes hard to know when "saying something" might be the wrong thing to do, and I have enjoyed quite a bit of your car posts. Saying that, the long strings of photos do at times make a page extremely long.

Here there used to be a wonderful radio program on Public Radio out of Boston I think, every Saturday morning called "Car Talk." It was fascinating and the two brothers who hosted it were very funny. This is just a thought - maybe you could start a " Car Talk" thread. I am sure people would still enjoy it and comment, including their own thoughts about cars.

I hope I have not been insulting as that has not been my intention. I'll read wherever you put your car things.
Not insulting at all, and that's exactly the sort of feedback that's really useful. Pulling it into a separate thread for similar things to be discussed is a good idea I reckon and saves me cluttering this one up so much.
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