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Default Re: What is Happening, part II

Originally Posted by Priscilla View Post
Zelandeth, I am really glad you brought that up. It is sometimes hard to know when "saying something" might be the wrong thing to do, and I have enjoyed quite a bit of your car posts. Saying that, the long strings of photos do at times make a page extremely long.

Here there used to be a wonderful radio program on Public Radio out of Boston I think, every Saturday morning called "Car Talk." It was fascinating and the two brothers who hosted it were very funny. This is just a thought - maybe you could start a " Car Talk" thread. I am sure people would still enjoy it and comment, including their own thoughts about cars.

I hope I have not been insulting as that has not been my intention. I'll read wherever you put your car things.
I agree, I was just saying, that my staff was addingdescripting to wshat I can't see, he has never been here before, I haven't heard the show you were talking about but, it was mention by a another Wisconsin writer, about Pub andNPR also, How Wisconsin started raido and TV, one of things I have been listen to;. Wisconin on the Air,, I think it waWis part of it title,, I have it on a different SD card,, and dI can't get to right now,, its was quite a good book, something about that program was air, before th whent to local program,, I jshall have to see if I can't find it. I have it just not to hand. Its was writter, during the celerbreation,ey while I was without internet, and some tokes time to get in audio copy.
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