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Default Re: What is Happening, part II

Yeah, big long threads like that do make sense to cut up periodically to keep the manageable. Makes life easier on the server too as I understand it.

One thing I might suggest though Cheryl, would be to put a link in that first post back to the "Part 1" for future reference. Probably not a huge issue here we there's not masses of traffic, but it just feels like good practice to me...and my brain likes to keep things orderly like that.

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As it's a bit of a fresh start for the thread, seems a good time to mention this:

If anyone wants me to split off my automotive ramblings (or just link to elsewhere) please let me know. I know the posts come in fits and starts and can be quite a ramble sometimes. Just tends to be that way with periods where I have quite a few things going on at once, then followed by a lull when boring day to day life keeps me out of the garage. It just became habit to include posting here as well many years ago, and as there's been some engagement here and there it's something I've kept up. I just don't want it to feel like I'm spamming the board though, especially as it's been a while since I've felt I had much to really contribute to the main body of the forums, so just let me know if I need to reel it in a bit.

If it's not annoying folks and potentially providing some interest to some of you though I'll continue as normal.

-- -- --

Hmm...can you tell which panel I experimentally gave a wipe clean then hit with the polish and wax this afternoon?

Looks like the paint might actually come up better than I expected. The actual colour change was a surprise! I honestly thought the car was a slightly warm, it is actually a pure brilliant white. She just needs a really good deep clean.

Tyres have now been ordered, garage have said they'll just give me a call when they're in and I can just drop by then. Will be nice to have that done as the current set vary in age from 2017 at the newest to 2010 at the oldest and all have pretty significant perishing. Front two look superficially fine as the sidewalls are OK, but they're cracking up inside the tread area instead. Shame as I'd have probably kept one for the spare - not going to trust them for that duty though (as goodness knows how many years it might sit perishing more before I need it).

I always like to have a matched set of tyres on a car anyway so this would probably have happened it is though these have had it. While being able to provoke a drift at just about any speed on a damp road is occasionally amusing, it's less than ideal in the real world when you're just trying to pull away from a set of traffic lights on a busy signalised roundabout. Especially when you notice there's a police car behind you. Yes the garage to order the tyres *was* the next place I stopped after that!
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