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Default Re: What is Happening, part II

Originally Posted by Cheryl View Post
The original What is Happening thread had grown ridiculously long, and I have closed it and started this new one! Let us know what you've been up to lately; I'll start...

The biggest thing keeping me busy these days is my daily hike with my two-year-old GSD. We go to a lot of local parks and walk about a mile a day - not that far but it often takes an hour because I stop and take a lot of photos of flora and fauna, and my dog has important sniffing to do!

I just found this on the othe thread I think its the one about wart I was speeking up Right now, in real life, I am haveing my staff help me set up my new pc and cell phone, see What is Happting Thread for more information.

But back to this Thread, I haven';t got around, to download the manger for Audio player, nor transfer all the files, for all my Pern collection, but Gigi book is their aacording to what my staff has pull up for me.,

Sorry, if I am rambling rigfht now I am just a littley ir
I also started working in an office instead of from home. Ironic during the ongoing pandemic, but it's small office and I see half the other employees weekly anyway. I'm enjoying it, I don't work too many hours per week and it's easier to focus there than at home with kids and dogs and cats and household chores to distract me.
I stll can't tell wre I am going to end up, I am back tracking Threads but , its a reminder, of what I need my atemparly lstaff meeded tpo help ,me with installing my printer/sccanner driver so it work
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