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Default Re: What is happening

I went into today's job with a couple of avenues open to me.

Firstly was as suggested elsewhere, I could try to change the washer in the offending valve. This would obviously save me a bit of time - though I still would need to drain the system fully which was of course going to be the biggest time waster.

I made a point of getting the necessary fittings for replacing the valve entirely, ideally as insurance that the simple option would work. I'd really rather get a ball valve in there long term anyway so I can drain the system without it leaking everywhere.

First contact with the enemy.

Drain hose was hooked up again. Conveniently we've got ground level drains in our conservatory below the solar panel drain valves...

Which meant that I could just dump the water into there rather than having to leave an actual outside door open to let all the heat out.

Before I actually set about draining anything I obviously wanted to make sure the boiler didn't fire and the pump wouldn't start. Simple enough here as the main switch on the control panel knocks everything out.

That panel is a bit of a blast from the titchy little PCB mount relays here!

While there were a few chunks of crud washed out what drained was nowhere near as disgusting as I honestly expected given it's been in there since at least 2006.

I had half hoped I could just ship the core out the old valve and swap it with the new one. Sadly the new one was quite a bit smaller - though the washer was virtually identical so I was able to grab that and transfer it over. The cause of my having to go through this nonsense?

Guess it's allowed to be a bit crispy after 38 years.

I have a sneaking suspicion from the look of the surrounding woodwork that it's been weeping at some point in the past, probably stopping when the sediment clogged the cracks up.

Once that was reassembled with the new washer it was time to dump a fresh dose of corrosion inhibitor into the expansion tank and start refilling the system. Thankfully the valve has indeed been repaired it appears.

Then there was lots and lots and lots of this.

A.k.a. "How many times in one day can Zel lose the radiator key?"

The answer is "always at least once more" it seems.

Then stuck the necessary details on the label and put it on the boiler...last one dated from this was massively overdue.

The system could really do with a proper flush I imagine, and I'll get to that in the spring...I need to drain it down again anyway as of course an additional problem surfaced...this crusty looking vent of course decided to weep once the system was bled up.

If I'd seen it was this manky before I started I would have changed it before I refilled things. See also my earlier comment though about any job on this house generating at least one more item of work's like a perpetual expense engine...

In this case though it can wait. It's barely even weeping and probably has been for years from the look of it. For now though the boiler is now running silently again, so I'll call that a win.

So much for my plan to get the cars serviced this weekend though!
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