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Default Re: What is happening

Allen, I'm much the same. I check in here daily as it's part of my routine and because I like you I'm unlikely to stop as long as the forum is still here!

I discovered Anne's worlds through a general interest in dragons too. Found Dragondrums in the bookcase (my parents had very good taste in literature) and picked it up because I liked the cover. This was in 1998 when I was 13. The rest as they say is history.

-- -- --

intended task list for this weekend:

[] Re-seal the tail lights on the Lada to hopefully put a proper stop to water getting into the boot (they all do that).

[] Oil & filter change on both Lada and van.

[] Wash both of the above and the Citroen. It's not going to be moving till spring, but I'd still rather get the salt it's already caked on it off.

[] Empty the Lada's boot of all the bits of Citroen and goodness only knows how many bottles of LHM are in there. If anyone needs any I have way more than I'll ever need...

[] Dig out and reinstate the Lada's glove box.

Didn't have a huge amount otherwise planned for the weekend so had hoped to get started on that list of course decided to intervene today.

Our boiler has been kettling badly for last few days. It's always done it to some extent, but has been a lot more noticeable in the last few days. My intention (having recently managed to actually find the very well hidden drain down valve) was to drain, flush and freshly treat the system in the spring. Not really wanting to knock heating and hot water out for a full day in December.

Said detective work was made easier by having things like this to hand.

This one just shows the supply side, I've got another one showing the feeds from the various tanks - yes there are four.

I have been trying to get a professional in to do it since we moved in. In 2014. However suffered a critical lack of interest from tradesmen usually getting the "it's not worth my getting out the van for..." Or "you need a new boiler, mate" without them having been given any information from me beyond that I want the system flushed, treated and the boiler checked and serviced.

I really don't get the "it must be replaced because it's old" mentality.

Yes it's been here since 1981. However it has barely any moving parts, zero electronics and has a record of perfect combustion test results on every documented service. I agree, once something on it beyond the pilot light thermocouple fails it will not be worth repairing...but until that point I intend to keep it going. Our gas bill is hardly anything so I can't see a replacement paying for itself quickly...

Anyhow...back on topic. Having given up getting the system serviced, I figured I'd do it in the spring. However as it had been sounding distinctly unhappy in the last couple of days I figured there was little to lose by sticking a dose of silencer in there. If it calmed things down for a month or two, excellent. If not I'll just have to do it properly anyhow. I'd had the bottle of silencer solution floating around for years, may as well use it!

Before I could add it though I needed to drain a bit of water from the system so it wouldn't just pool uselessly in the expansion tank. Sounds simple enough.

Whereabouts does the drain down valve live?

Which looks like this if you're not wedged against the underneath of the utility room sink.

The valve is roughly where the arrow points.

Not great forward planning. Cue ten minutes of work with the jigsaw.

Mmm...crusty. Get the feeling this hasn't seen use in a few years.

Sure enough it required a not insignificant amount of persuasion to open...but we got there in the end.

Barfed a huge lump of crud when we first opened it, and then proceeded to leak like a sieve like virtually every one of these things things I've seen.

Stopped when we'd drained ten litres or so off (and the water was stone cold so obviously being drawn from the tank rather than the circuit) and went and dumped the additive in the expansion tank.

This has definitely helped, restoring the kettling issue to a distant "grumble" which I'll call progress. Radiators are very noticeably warmer too so it's definitely improved something.

Unfortunately as is traditional with this house, in sorting (albeit temporarily bodging in this case) one problem always generates at least one additional piece of work. The drain down valve now won't seal fully. Dripping persistently once every few seconds. Not trying tightening it any further than I already have for fear of totally shredding the sealing disc.

So tomorrow I will instead of working on the cars, have to drain the entire heating system down and replace the drain down valve.

Obviously I may as well get the appropriate treatments dumped into and flushed through the system if I've got to drain it anyway.

The drain valve will not be replaced like for like. For a start compression fittings will be the order of the day, secondly I'll be fitting a good quality lever operated ball valve and terminate it in a hose barb...will make future drains of the system far less hassle.

Simple enough...just a bit awkward standing on my head under the sink (I can see that whole wall in the cupboard being removed to improve access) and annoying as I can think of a load of things I'd rather be doing.

Of course once I fix that something else will no doubt go wrong...that's how repair work in this house works!

Maybe I'll get to servicing the cars on Monday?

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