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Merry xmas to you too Peter. I'm araid the group is getting smaller and smaller. But we sure had some good time, didn't we? It was ever so lovely meeting you in person in Copenhagen when Anne was GOH at Eurocon. It's incredible that that is already 12 years ago!

Last August I finally had the chance to viist Anne's grave and have some kind of closure. Her daughter Gigi drove us there; my wife and friends author Elziabeth Kerner Ewing and Anne's 'Astronomer Royal' Dr. steven Beard, with whom we rented a house in Dublin for Worldcon 2019 which took place in Dublin. Afterwards we had a great dinner at a place Anne's took Cheryl, Anneli and me way back in 2002, when we were staying at ragnhold and were able to reminische to our heart;s desire... Many a fan thing and fans came up on conversation, I assure you.

I thank all those die hards still attending this board and also those with whom I still have contact using the Bulletin Board of the 21st century called facebook THANKS for years of friendship and shared love for a favourite author! Merry Xmas!

Visiting Anne's grave by Hans van der Boom, on Flickr
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