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Default Re: What is happening

Well that's big news for our little convention.

This year is the last year we'll be in the Livingston Mercure Hotel.

Photo snapped by me last year.

There also will be no convention in 2020...But we will intact return in early 2021, moving to the Crowne Plaza in Glasgow.

Um...this one (image from Wikipedia).

That's a bit of a jump!

With a confirmed 482 attendees this year though, the Mercure was just bursting at the seams...a move was going to have to happen. Wasn't quite expecting quite *that* a huge jump though.

Will be bitter sweet. Yes it's good news for the event, availability of local accomodation has really been the constraining factor on growth the last couple of years. This will be a huge step forward for that the smallest function space we'll have in the new venue will be larger than the main stage in our current one.

However we've been here since 2014...and have a fantastic relationship with the hotel staff. They basically hand us the keys on a silver platter on the Thursday evening and tell us to do whatever the heck we want and just have fun. It feels like home...even if a very full one this year!

Still, be interesting to see how it unfolds...

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