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Originally Posted by Dragon Fan View Post
Some things, while being quite beautiful, can also be treacherous.I find that once I have stocked up enough food and bought enough books, I am quite patient to read, drink tea, sleep and just wait for that white crap to melt and go away for 8 months or so. Then, it's all good! ..............Until next Winter. My brother in law, whom is from Mississippi. says we here in Pennsylvania only have two seasons. And they are, Winter and Winter's coming. Come The end of January, I tend to Agree. Yea, not much of a fan of the white stuff either.
Actually, I would think Pennsylvania might have the same 4 seasons we have here in Missouri; Fall (Autumn), Winter, Spring, and Road Repair.

Originally Posted by mawra View Post
The main reason I went out was because the Star Trek grpup Mom, sister & niece belong to sponsor 2 kids for Christmas. I usually end up taking then to social services. They were suppose to go on Monday, that didn't happen. We were told to deliver them Tues. Which is why I went out Tues. They decided to change it to the 17th.
Because I went out Tues. instead of giving it another day to melt, I slipped getting into the Tahoe, hubby fell on the ramp helping me bring stuff in, which I would waited to get if I had not had to go out. 2 twisted backs & we both twisted a knee. Not happy with social services.
If I may offer a suggestion, if this comes up again, call before venturing out only to find out they've rescheduled. Here we're lucky enough that most functions, governmental and otherwise, let the local radio stations know (to be announced on the air) about closings and reschedulings, especially due to weather. Everything from school closings and busses not running, or running late all the way down to the usual bingo night at the Lions Club cancelled or rescheduled.

For your wrenched back, go to a good chiropractor (one that doesn't insist on x-rays for every little thing). Some health insurances will actually pay for the chiropractor (with a copay) just like a regular doctor. Don't believe in chiropractic? Go to an orthopedist or orthopedic surgeon. That's basically a chiropractor that went all the way through medical school. They can adjust you in exactly the same way as a chiropractor and charge you a lot more for the job. But most importantly, don't put off going to someone for more than a day or two if you're in pain. If you threw your back out, the longer you wait to put things back where they belong, the longer it takes to get it to stay in place. I throw out my back, I take naproxen & go to the chiropractor ASAP. One $25 visit and I'm done till the next time I do something stupid.
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