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Default Re: What is happening

I've always found American cars to be nice comfortable places to be. Okay the plastics on the top of the dash might not be quite as nice as in an Audi...but I don't find myself tapping the dash very often... I'd much rather have a nice comfy squidgy seat than a fancy dash top.

We had a 1998 Chevrolet Astro as our run around a few years ago when we visited the US, and I very seriously looked into shipping it back here as it was such a comfortable thing to waft around in...but it was going to cost somewhere around £5000 in shipping and fees, and I just couldn't afford that.

Today I got the window and such stripped off the offside door from the Invacar (after drilling out another 8274662819 screws) and put the good door base on the car.

I'll hopefully get the window frame and glass reinstalled tomorrow. I'm slightly staggered by the whole concept of actually having two functional doors on the thing.

Ran out of patience with having to pump the front tyre up every single time I went to move the car, so finally dug out a spare wheel that actually holds air.

Still needs a full set of tyres before it goes near the road anyway but at least it won't go down in half an hour now! It turns out that it's totally impossible to steer a three wheeler with a flat front tyre...
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